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Welcome to Happydemic Pilates

My name is Flavia and I created Happydemic Pilates because I firmly believe in living strong and happy through healthy movements and positive thinking: as Joseph Pilates said “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”.

Pilates brings flexibility, tone, strength and alignment back in your life, improving mental and physical well-being.
At Happydemic Pilates I can help with many various issues (from hypermobility to chronic back pain to fibromyalgia or hip and shoulder pain), I can support you post hip/knee replacement surgery or during specific phases in life such pregnancy or older age. We can work on your posture or focus on specific athletic needs, making your performance more effective, safer and less prone to injuries.

“I started with a pinching in my lower back, a right shoulder pain (which I have had for years) and a pain between my navel and my sternum. Each session we had was great fun and you changed each session to suit what I needed at the time. Your passion for Pilates has infected me and I really can see the benefits now. Having never done Pilates before you really made me feel comfortable, and gave clear instruction on what you needed me to do. My pain below my sternum is completely gone. Right shoulder is much better and the sharp pain in my back has gone too”

(L.M., Tai Chi teacher, Milton Keynes)

Group daytime classes available throughout the week.
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Prefer a bit more individual work?
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Back & Joint Pain

Pilates’ low impact, precision- focused exercises can help free your back from niggles and aches and ensure correct movement and load on the joints. This suits active people, office workers as well as older adults.

Pre & Post Natal

Pilates can help keeping you fit during your pregnancy and preventing core and pelvic floor weakness. It will help with specific pregnancy related conditions and will ensure a healthy, speed recovery. Forget back pain and baby belly!

Sports Injuries

Pilates’ focus on alignment, precision, core strength and breathing helps preventing injuries and enhancing sport performance through stability, strength and flexibility. It corrects muscular imbalances leading to injuries and re builds strength and mobility during the rehab process.

Want to learn more? Get in touch.

Want to learn more? Get in touch.