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Live a better life…

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Welcome to Happydemic Pilates

Welcome to Happydemic Pilates! My name is Flavia and I created Happydemic Pilates to help people discover the joy of moving in a way that fits their bodies, personality, likes and make them feel good!

At Happydemic Pilates, every body, shape, size, age or stage of life is welcome and you will feel supported and empowered to build more confidence in your body.

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What we do at Happydemic:
Personal sessions (home visits and online)
Small group classes (online)
A library of recorded class that you can do whenever and wherever suits you
Pre/Post natal Pilates and women’s wellness
Pilates for runners
Movement for specific conditions (post surgery, stroke rehab, EDS, chronic pain, etc)
Trigger Point Pilates
Reiki energy healing

Who We Are…

Hi! I’ m Flavia and I have been teaching Pilates since 2015.
I started my journey out of genuine curiosity about what all the fuss about Pilates was about, I took a few classes and I was hooked!
I am now Matwork and Equipment qualified, I teach Pre and Post Natal Pilates, and along the way I added other specific workshops and trainings to help me understand my clients’ challenges better (Orthopedic conditions, stroke, pelvic floor issues, etc) and learn different strategies to support them.

At Happydemic I believe in moving in ways that fit our body, personality, likes and make us feel good. And I believe that this is available to everyone, beyond the specific practice of Pilates.
Pain free, enjoyable movements are key to a healthy, happy life.
I honour all the amazing things that every body can do and this is what Happydemic wants to be here for.

Pilates Classes Milton Keynes | Online Pilate Classes

Pilates Classes Milton Keynes | Online Pilate Classes

Who We Are…

Happydemic strives to offer you a mindful movement experience to connect mind and body and safely explore the movement opportunities available to you at each stage.
I believe that flowing, pain free movements are key to a healthy, happy life. And so is fun! Only when we enjoy the movement experience we allow the body to learn new patterns, the mind to connect with a more meaningful practice and boost its energy and physical strength.
We honour all the amazing things that every body can do and we practise to improve what we can’t do yet.

Pilates brings flexibility, tone, strength and alignment back in your life, improving mental and physical well-being.
At Happydemic Pilates I can help with many various issues (from hypermobility to chronic back pain to fibromyalgia or hip and shoulder pain), I can support you post hip/knee replacement surgery or during specific phases in life such pregnancy or older age. We can work on your posture or focus on specific athletic needs, making your performance more effective, safer and less prone to injuries.

Online Classes Available

We are proud to announce that we now have online classes and individual sessions available. Enjoy Pilates in a safe and COVID friendly environment

Group Session or Individual coaching

Whether you like to take part in group Pilates classes, or feel more comfortable on a private 1 to 1 basis, Happydemic are available to help you every step of the way

Book Your Class Online

A happy life shouldn’t be complicated, that’s why you can book your classes online in just a few simple steps. It’s never been easier to plan for success

See what others are saying…

“I started with a pinching in my lower back, a right shoulder pain (which I have had for years) and a pain between my navel and my sternum. Each session we had was great fun and you changed each session to suit what I needed at the time. Your passion for Pilates has infected me and I really can see the benefits now. Having never done Pilates before you really made me feel comfortable, and gave clear instruction on what you needed me to do. My pain below my sternum is completely gone. Right shoulder is much better and the sharp pain in my back has gone too”
L.M. – Tai Chi TeacherMilton Keynes
“Flavia is an excellent Pilates and wellness expert. I find her classes have (and are) helping me to improve movement and general well being. They are well thought through, instructive in a calm and friendly manner and allow you to participate at your own level.”
J. ArrowsmithMilton Keynes
“Flavia is a wonderful teacher and her passion for Pilates can’t help but be reflected in her classes! I was a little dubious having not attended a Pilates class before but by the end I was melting into my mat after a wonderful hip raising and lowering exercise – which I can’t wait to incorporate into my home yoga practice. Highly recommend – thank you Flavia!”
S. RattiganMilton Keynes
“Flavia’s classes are just what I’ve been looking for. I love the flexibility and variety of her online classes and although I have practised Pilates for years I have learnt a lot. Thanks Flavia!”
H. GauciMilton Keynes
“I really like these classes, tried yoga and Pilates earlier in different places and must say Pilates with Flavia is the best. Highly recommended.”
E. GebelMilton Keynes


Back & Joint Pain

Pilates’ low impact, precision- focused exercises can help free your back from niggles and aches and ensure correct movement and load on the joints. This suits active people, office workers as well as older adults.


Pilates for back pain relief

Pre & Post Natal

Pilates can help keeping you fit during your pregnancy and preventing core and pelvic floor weakness. It will help with specific pregnancy related conditions and will ensure a healthy, speed recovery. Forget back pain and baby belly!


Sports Injuries

Pilates’ focus on alignment, precision, core strength and breathing helps preventing injuries and enhancing sport performance through stability, strength and flexibility. It corrects muscular imbalances leading to injuries and re builds strength and mobility during the rehab process.


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