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Online Group Pilates Classes

Are you looking for online classes? Want to work on your flexibility and posture without sacrificing those very precious moments in the evenings with your other half or with your family?
If you are looking for a regular exercise routine to help you move better, getting stronger and more flexible in a like-minded, supportive group where everybody and every shape is welcome, you are in the right place!

Happydemic online Group Pilates Classes are small and friendly. You will receive individual attention, corrections (yes! It is possible, even on Zoom) and advice to apply Pilates in your everyday life that will really make the difference.

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Class passes can be used across all the Pilates classes, to give you the flexibility to mix and book the class that best suits your busy schedule without missing your practice!
Classes run 46 weeks/year (Bank Holidays not included).

Looking for Private 1-1 Sessions?

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Mixed abilities Pilates

Friday 12.30pm – 1.30pm ONLINE

An open level Pilates class, suitable for all levels and abilities, aimed to improve strength, flexibility and teach optimal movement patterns. A small group class where options and modifications are offered to allow everyone to work at their own pace and level.

Restore, Relax and Release

Monday 18.30-19.30 ONLINE

This relaxing class blends the Pilates principles with the Trigger Point Fascia release technique, working on the tension and the tight spots across the body. Be prepared to leave the room feeling taller, lighter and energised!

The Trigger Point Pilates™ method is a combination of Pilates based exercises combined with Myofascia Release which strengthens and releases the body using controlled, precise movements, breathing technique and small equipment. You will learn easy Self Myofascial Release techniques to do at home to keep feeling fantastically released!

Read more about Trigger Point Pilates here

10 online classes: £77
5 online classes: £42.50
Single online class: £15
 Online classes are recorded and the link can be sent to all the booked attendees – no missed classes anymore!

Classes are booked and paid in advance2.50

Happydemic Pilates Library of Classes

All the classes, all the styles, all in one place!

From weekly classes to shorter workouts, from workshops to masterclasses, we store all our contents in one place that is available to everyone!

“I have never felt that I have the same class twice, unless on purpose when I revisit the Hip or Shoulder Masterclasses.
For me the Pilates Library has been an absolute game changer. I can pause the recording to spend a little more time setting up or skip an exercise which does not suit my body. Plus, I can choose to exercise at a time that suits how my body feels.” (C.K. August 2022)

Contents of the library are regularly updated with new classes every week.

You can have a look and give it a go (for free!) here.

Online Pilates Classes in West London

Want to learn more? Get in touch.

Want to learn more? Get in touch.