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Pilates for Mums and Mums to be

Through specific low impact exercises focused on gentle strengthening, pelvic floor connection and pelvic stabilisation, Pilates helps reduce the risk of common pregnancy related conditions such as back pain, Diastasis Recti, (separation of the abdominal muscles)  Pelvic Girdle Pain.
It combines flexibility and strength training with body and mind awareness, offering excellent benefits throughout pregnancy. 
However, before you take up any Pilates exercises during pregnancy, you need to consult your doctor and work out under the guidance of a specifically qualified instructor.
At Happydemic Pilates you’re in safe hands!

A specific post natal Pilates programme can also restore your pelvic floor healthy functions – as incontinence episodes and heaviness are very common but should not be considered as a normal part of being a mum.

Please consult your practitioner before starting any physical activities after giving birth.


How Pilates helps during pregnancy and after birth:

  • Core and glutes strength (helping prevent abdominal separation and pain in the Pelvis)
  • Reduce back and shoulder pain
  • Pelvic floor issues – pelvic pain
  • Flexibility, balance, and symmetry
  • Maintain healthy weight

And even more benefits:

  • Relaxation and mind-body connection
  • Quicker postpartum recovery
  • Full body strengthening & conditioning without impact or stress on joints
  • Correcting pregnancy related postural and muscular imbalances 
  • Breathing techniques
  • Regain pre-pregnancy fitness level

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Pregnancy Pilates