Happydemic Pilates corporate classes

Corporate Pilates Classes

Desk posture and stress are two of the biggest challenges to the wellness in a workspace. Our corporate Pilates classes help your team move better, get stronger and look after their well being, and are built around office workers’ needs and hours.
Reduce stress levels and sick days and boost the mood of your team! 
Stiff joints, neck and shoulders tension, back pain are very common when many hours are spent sitting and looking at a screen, and are among the main causes of sick days in the UK.

Happydemic online Corporate Pilates Classes are friendly and welcome every member of your team, regardless of age, level of fitness and specific conditions. We bring all the benefits of the Pilates method into your office…Could it be more convenient?

We offer:

  • Pilates/Trigger Point Pilates/ Stretch classes up to 12 people, designed around office workers’ needs and open to all levels
  • Classes are 30minutes, 45minutes or 1 hour long and arranged at a time convenient for the group (typically, lunchtime, early mornings or evenings).
  • An experienced teacher who is not just fully qualified, but knows the office environment inside out
  • A FREE trial class 

What is needed:

  • A meeting room / free area where we can lay mats down
  • A mat per participants
  • Min. 5 attendees

To arrange a free trial class or simply to enquiry about our Corporate Pilates classes, please email: hello@happydemic.life

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