What is Pilates​?

Pilates is a system of exercises created in the early 1920’s by Joseph Pilates to target and strengthen the “Powerhouse”, the deep postural muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis to improve posture, flexibility, tone and overall fitness. The idea behind the method is that controlled, focused body movements establish a sound mind-body connection, leading to a stronger mind.

Pilates is for everybody and every body, men and women, young or old, fit or unfit. It has all the benefits of a low impact kind of exercise ( toning the body, increasing metabolism and bone density, relieving stress and tension) but its unique features are those who make the method so successful and effective also in our contemporary time.


The Pilates exercises work the whole body increasing both muscular strength and flexibility. The results? Balance out muscular asymmetries (often responsible of back pain, sciatica pain, shoulder tightness), define your silhouette and improve your flexibility, balance, coordination, breath control and body awareness.

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