For the ongoing health of teachers and clients, Happydemic Pilates reserves the right and will refuse to teach a client who is evidently not well. Please do not return to class until fully recovered.

All participants under the age of 18 years must have consent, in written form, from a parent or guardian. The applicant also agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the studio and acknowledges that these rules and regulations may change from time to time.

If the agreement is terminated by Happydemic Pilates for any serious reasons, Happydemic Pilates reserve the right to retain a proportion of the money paid to cover any reasonable costs incurred as a result.

Sessions are 60 minutes long.
Cancellation notice is 12 hours.

Duet lessons: Duet lessons are sessions taken by two students together, who agree on a mutually convenient date/time and commit to attend all the scheduled sessions together.
In case only one of the particpants can’t attend, it’s up to the students to:

  1. Cancel the session completely (for both students) and agree on a different date/time of mutual convenience, within the teacher’s schedule.

         2. The participant who couldn’t attend can make up up to two classes on their own, within the teacher’s schedule.

Yearly programme: The yearly programme is based on 12 months and it has a minimum attendance of 5 months with a month notice in case of cancellation from both parts.

All packages are paid in full before the last session.

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or via Credit Card:

  • In full at the time of booking or
  • In monthly instalments, subject to a deposit payment.

Pilates classes: classes are booked and paid in advance. No refund is given for class cancellation.

Happydemic Pilates operates with a 12 hours cancellation policy for both classes and private sessions.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
All the packages include a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you sign up for one of the Packages and after attending one full session (see ** below for timescales) you don’t think you have made the right decision, all the money will be refunded. *T&C’s apply  

  1. Requests for a full refund must be received in writing, either by email or hand delivered.
  2. Requests must be received by close of business no later than deadlines shown below.
  3. All requests for a refund after that deadline will not be considered.
  4. After this time, please refer to the Cancellation policy as set out below

** up to 48hours from date of first session

Refund Policy
In respect of all packages, once the Money Back Guarantee deadline has passed, no refunds will be given. In exceptional circumstances such as a critical medical health condition or forced relocation outside of the Buckinghamshire area, a refund may be considered and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Refunds are strictly not payable also in the following circumstances:

  • Client changes her/his mind before using the purchased package
  • The purchased package has not been completed
  • A session needs to be cancelled by the teacher due to severe external conditions. An alternative appointment will be offered for a future appointment.

All payments are non transferrable.

Session Cancellation Policy
12 hours notice is required for cancellation of single sessions as part of a package (Friday 9.00am for Monday). Missed sessions without the appropriate notice will not be made up.

Personal Property

Personal property brought to sessions are done so at the participants own risk and Happydemic Pilates does not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to such items.

Studio Etiquette
Thank you for being considerate to your Pilates instructor by:

  • Immediately disclose any recent medical conditions or injury that is not part of your ParQ form
  • Immediately inform the teacher about any disomfort you might experience during the session
  • Turn your mobile phone off
  • Not chewing a chewing gum during your session
  • Ensuring to be wearing appropriate, clean clothes and foot hygiene
  • Leaving your shoes at the entrance
  • Being punctual
  • Bring in a smile, leave your worries at the door and enjoy your session..It’s your time!