Front& Back and why is that even important

Have you ever thought about it? We focus a lot on what happens at the front of the body and we tend to forget everything that is at the back! Sometimes the glutes get a little attention, usually when we think that they are not working properly and in doing so, are hindering our abilities to move effectively. Truth is that the body is supposed to work in an integrated way, and the back line of the body is VITAL to ensure that our posture, stride, balance and movement efficiency are optimal and that the load /weight is distributed and managed evenly. Did you know that it should be the back of the body propelling us forward? 
The lack of connection and integration between the front and the back explains a lot of imbalances, compensation patterns and “weaknesses/tightness”, specially when it comes to shoulders and back muscles. I find this extremely fascinating, and such a fundamental point to focus on when it comes to Pilates (and movement in general), and we have been exploring this a lot in class, lately. Let me give you an example. Lack of strength and connection with the mid back muscles in exercises like the Rolling Like a Ball, or the Teaser, or One Leg Stretch means two things:
– you will just rely on the abs to perform the exercise, and when they fail (and they will, no matter how strong they are, because it’s simply too much, poorly distributed load) the hip flexors will kick in. So you might find the top of your thighs aching afterwards.
– you can’t control the momentum and might find your legs pulling you down, or happily floating in the air, while all you wanted to do was going the other way.
Does it sound familiar?
So my suggestion is to try to spend a moment engaging with your back muscles – usually, I use the image of simply reaching back while the direction of the moment is forward, or up, depending on the exercise. But you can apply this to practically everything, trying to re establish balance between the front and the back of the body- and notice if it makes any difference!
Obviously, if you struggle (or if this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever) feel free to get in touch and we can practice together!