..And we are back!

Welcome back!
It took me a while (and a few technical issues with the website) to get back here and update the blog – which I love doing!

Going back to business after the lock down has been lifted for the wellness industry has been CRAZY! In a good way! Three weeks solid of full on immersion back into teaching and all the evolves around it when you run your own business. No matter how well prepared you think you are, there will always be something that comes up as you go along. I welcomed back old clients and open the door to new ones, launched a Facebook group to offer free additional content besides the classes (more on this in the next post), planned that content and mostly, reviewed my timetable so that the new schedule will allow me to keep some of the good things I learned during lock down. Mainly, TIME. Keeping time for my self, allowing decent breaks between classes (including the necessary cleaning time), even starting a new routine (this too is for the next post, though) – all this stops me from feeling overwhelmed and from looking at my day schedule as a mere list of jobs to go through before the evening comes and I can finally breathe.
This was pretty much my “normal” before the pandemic. I don’t want to go back there. My teaching improves when I am not exhausted, my clients and students get the most out of their sessions and what I do manifests its true meaning and purpose. No auto-pilot, no anxiety looking at the calendar. I am lucky enough to make a job of my passion, and I should be very mindful to keep it like that. Otherwise it wouldn’t make much of a difference from any other job, right?

For this to happen and make an actual change, a few not-so-easy decisions had to be made. Cutting hours and not coming back to teach in a couple of places I was used to. Making slots available for clients, or even for more classes of my own that I can be more flexible with. In the self employed world, this means cutting income and take a leap of faith, trusting that following your truth will not backfire – hence, the hesitancy. BUT you can’t make changes doing things the same old way!
I am keeping my vision of what I want my self and my business to become as a light that guides my steps and I am taking one step at the time. Every day, I focus on that day only and what can I do in that specific moment in time that will get me one bit closer.
I have never been very good at long term plans, or with goals that are too far. Working with small, manageable, friendly Lego bricks is the way to go for me, yet with an eye on the full picture and the big freedom of steering, changing, taking detours, making mistakes, enjoying the day to day development of the journey. I try not to allow myself to feel overwhelmed and miss the joy of all the small things along the way that I am grateful for.

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